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Pioneers in providing production services and support in Costa Rica, and working closely with the Costa Rica Film Commission, we continue to lead the field always innovating and adapting to the constant changes of the international film, television, fashion, commercial and advertising industry.

Our expertise lies in that we listen very carefully to our client’s needs, and then we apply our extensive knowledge of all the resources available in Costa Rica including locations, crews, lodging, equipment and close collaboration with the Costa Rica Film Commission to make it all happen on time and on budget.

We focus very strongly on bridging the cultural gap between Costa Rica and the countries from which our clients visit us.

We devote a lot of time and effort teaching and promoting awareness to our local crew members, vendors and members of the communities of where we shoot all with the objective to create the right environment for executing smooth and successful productions.

And more importantly making sure that everyone has a good time.

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With more than 110 international projects under our belt we can safely say we understand what this business is all about. We have been fortunate to learn from the best global production companies from around the world.

And although we work in different genres, we have learned that there is more similarity than differences across all the different platforms of generating content. It all boils down to being able to bring together the right people with solid experience in their respective departments whether it is production, camera, design, or transportation.

Our specialty is bringing together teams that can work well together with their foreign counterparts. We have made many friends and look forward to making new ones.

In this global film industry, there are many terms floating around such as fixer, facilitator, production services, local producer, location scout and many more. We feel comfortable with those titles. We understand their meaning and we understand what our clients need to be successful while shooting in Costa Rica.

We have hosted the largest projects produced in Costa Rica including feature films, large format reality shows, scripted series, documentaries, corporate videos, music videos, fashion and editorial photo shoots and special events such as MMA fighting events, poker tournaments and sporting events.

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Although it sounds cliché, we do provide services for everything from A to Z. We can source local crew, find locations, payroll, fringe benefits, payout services to vendors and crew, prepare budgets, handle all customs imports and re-exports, obtain local equipment, secure all permits as required, provide all necessary insurance required by law both liability and workers hazard and social security.

We feel that it would be safe to say that we have more experience working with overseas audiovisual productions than any other production service company in Latin America. We also provide location and production services and support in Panama, Colombia, and Nicaragua.

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Location and Production Support Services in Costa Rica

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Sergio Miranda

For over 25 years Sergio Miranda, who was born and raised in Costa Rica, has provided production and producer services in 4 Latin American countries including Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, and Colombia.

Sergio is co-founder and current President of the Chamber of the Costa Rican Audiovisual Industry. He was instrumental in the creation of the Costa Rica Film Commission and is currently a member of the steering committee, representing the private sector, that oversees the Costa Rica Film Commission.

Sergio has an intimate knowledge of Costa Rica’s locations, and has a unique ability to put together teams of professional crew members that have worked side by side with him in over 110 international film and video productions. Most recently, Sergio has helped produce projects for Netflix, Amazon Prime, Warner Brothers and MTV.

We provide crews.

We find locations.

We source equipment.