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Gifted with natural tropical beauty and diversity, Costa Rica has persevered in conserving and protecting these resources. For those in the worldwide film and television industry, this has proven to be an exceptional opportunity to access unique and exotic locations, providing valuable production value to their film creations.

At the heart of Costa Rica’s success story is the singular, world renown Eco Tourism Industry whose backbone is based on clusters of lodging ranging from jungle lodges to 5-star resorts strategically spread out across different and extraordinary ecosystems protected in national parks, private land and reserves.

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Fixer Assistance

We do not create content. We help you create yours. Our production services are focused on making your vision come true. Costa Rica Production Services Company will provide the necessary support, fixers, and facilitators to ensure success in your production.

Our production experience extends over many genres including scripted and un-scripted film and television, commercials, and photo shoots. We have worked with virtually all the major studios and networks including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Discovery, NatGeo, Sony, Paramount, and many others. We are known as the specialists that have hosted all of Costa Rica’s largest productions but our passion for production means we will host all projects large and small with equal enthusiasm.

Film Locations Facilitator

Costa Rica’s locations have enchanted our clients, many of them world renowned directors such as Ridley Scott, Mel Gibson, M. Night Shyamalan, Robert Rodriguez, David Ayre and Frank Marshall and in the realm of documentaries, Oscar and Emmy-award winning directors Daniel Lindsay and T.J. Martin. Lush exuberant rain forests and jungles, volcanoes, a huge array of accessible and stunning waterfalls, miles of unspoiled tropical beaches makeup the complex mosaic of locations easily available.

Many of these locations have excellent production support services in the form of adventure tours and activities such as horseback riding, zip lines, hanging bridges, rappelling, atvs, yoga and wellness and hot spring destinations. Costa Rica has great road infrastructure, modern communications and technology reaching every corner of the country, and a safe and secure environment.